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East End Education provides a wide range of educational services. Whether it's preparation for next year's algebra course, simply getting ahead in an intriguing humanities discipline, refining your standardized test-taking techniques, or sculpting a successful application for a top university, we are here to help. By giving our students one-on-one attention with undergraduate and graduate students who attend the most prestigious universities, we employ advanced learning techniques, efficient test-taking strategies, and exclusive information regarding college admissions in order to ensure our students' success in whatever their goals may be.

By simplifying the learning and application processes, our experienced tutors and counselors will deliver superb academic outcomes.



At East End Tutors, our team empowers students with the tools to maximize their academic performance and to craft compelling college applications that best represent their identity and passions.

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Co-Founder, Chief Elementary Tutor

Education: Harvard College

Major: Applied Mathematics

Minors: Computer Science & Philosophy

Specialties: SAT/ACT English & Mathematics, ACT Science, SAT Math I & II, Pre Algebra-Calculus II, College Application Consulting

Originally from Austria, Sebastian took mathematics courses at the University of Innsbruck and trained as a member of the Austrian Junior National Track and Field Team for one year before attending Harvard as a member of the Track and Field team. While at Southampton High School, Sebastian captained the Varsity Track and Soccer teams while earning All-State Honors as a violist. He has experience tutoring the ACT, SAT, and all Mathematics (Pre-Algebra-Calculus.)



Co-Founder, Chief Advanced Tutor

Education: University of Notre Dame

Major: B.S. in Physics in Medicine

Minor: Compassionate Care in Medicine

Specialties: SAT/ACT Mathematics, ACT Science,  SAT II Physics, Chemistry, Biology E/M & Math I & II, Physics I & II, Personal & Supplemental Essays

As a physics major with a 4.00 GPA, Christian shares his passion for learning by tutoring physics and mathematics for TRiO Upward Bound and Science & Engineering Scholars. He also mentors elementary school students through Big Brothers Big Sisters at Notre Dame. As a clinical researcher at the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, Christian has co-authored multiple published studies. While at Southampton High School, Christian captained the Varsity Golf and Math teams, earning All-State and All-County Honors, respectively.




Education: Johns Hopkins University

Majors: M.S. in Computer Science, B.S. in Computer Engineering, B.M. in Violin Performance

Specialties:  Introductory Programming (Python, C++, Java, Javascript), Machine Learning

As a Software Engineer at Facebook, Ben has extensive knowledge of software development and applied machine learning. Given his technical background, he regularly mentors junior engineers and was selected as an intern manager for Summer 2020. At Johns Hopkins, he served as a Deep Learning course assistant while tutoring undergraduates in computer science, and completed research in robotics.




Education: Harvard College

Major: Computational Economics

Minor: Government

Specialties: SAT English, Social Sciences, Crafting Application Narratives, Application Consulting

As a student at Harvard College, Kyle participates in ROTC and runs for the Harvard Cross Country team. Kyle believes that creating a personal narrative that you can authentically sell to college admissions is essential to the application process. Beyond the basics of working towards exemplary grades and test scores, Kyle knows that building a unique story is of equal importance to gaining admittance to top universities.




Education: University of Pennsylvania

Majors: Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (PPE), Real Estate and Urban Development 

Specialties: SAT/ACT English, SAT II US & World History, Elementary-Intermediate Mathematics, Humanities (English, History)


As a student at Penn, Sophie works to improve democratic university-community engagement to bring about social change with the West Philadelphia neighborhood through the Netter Center for Community Partners. While attending the Nightingale-Bamford School, Sophie tutored Mathematics (Pre Algebra-Geometry) and English literature. She also has extensive experience in tutoring American and World history. 

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Education: Duke University

Majors: Economics

Minors: Finance & Psychology

Specialties: SAT/ACT Math, SAT II Chemistry, Personal & Supplemental Essays

Born in Ethiopia, Alex came to the US at the age of 8 without speaking the English language. He quickly learned English and came to excel in mathematics and sciences. While attending Westhampton Beach High School, Alex tutored Algebra-Trigonometry, AP Biology, and AP Chemistry. All colleges that Alex applied to accepted him, which reflects his intimate understanding of the college application process. Currently, Alex attends Duke University as a member of the men’s soccer team.

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Education: Duke University

Major: B.A in Global Cultural Studies

Minor: Computer Science

Specialties: SAT/ACT English, Elementary-High School English, Literature & Mathematics, Personal and Supplemental Essays, College Application Consulting


Bella just recently graduated cum laude from Duke, where she studied literature, journalism, and computer science. While at Duke, Bella was the sole writer and content creator of a digital newsletter and worked as a reporter for a local newspaper. While attending Deerfield Academy, Bella tutored English literature and grammar




Education: Harvard College 

Major: Economics

Specialties: SAT/ACT Mathematics, Elementary-High School Mathematics & English, AP Macro- and Microeconomics


As a student at Harvard, Caroline shares her passion for government and public policy through writing for the Harvard Political Review and assisting at a think tank located in Boston, The Pioneer Institute, that specializes in affordable housing research. While at Phillips Academy- Andover, she captained the squash team and graduated Cum Laude. Caroline has experience tutoring students in SAT/ACT and high school mathematics.




Education: University of Notre Dame

Major: Accounting

Minor: Theology

Specialties: SAT/ACT/ISEE Mathematics, Elementary-Advanced Mathematics, AP Statistics

As a student at Notre Dame, Megan integrates her passions for math and theology through her extracurricular activities as a research apprentice in the theology department, an assistant to the director of finance for ND's Student Union Board, and a service and South Bend outreach commissioner for her dorm Ryan Hall. She has years of experience tutoring ACT/SAT Mathematics and English, and currently tutors advanced mathematics for TriO Upward Bound at Notre Dame. Megan is dedicated to helping her students thrive as well as foster their intellectual curiosities. 




Education: University of Notre Dame

Major: Finance

Minors: Chinese & Italian

Specialties: Chinese (elementary-advanced), AP Micro- & Macroeconomics, AP Statistics, Microsoft Excel

As a student at Notre Dame, Michael shares his passion for finance and language by serving as the campus ambassador for the Morning Brew, a business-related daily email newsletter, and by previously interning for Barnum Financial Group, a wealth management firm. Michael’s Chinese language course of study began at 11 years of age, and he has utilized his expertise to tutor beginner and intermediate Chinese and Italian language since his high school years when he attended the Hackley School.




Education: University of Southern California 

Major: Applied Mathematics

Specialties: SAT/ACT Mathematics & English, Elementary-High School Mathematics & English, AP Calculus AB, ACT Science


As a student at USC, Nick tutors high school students for SAT/ACT prep and college essay revision, alongside assisting at an after-school math club. Nick was also a member of the junior US team for slopestyle skiing. Whether it be on the mountain or in the classroom, Nick enjoys helping people reach their potential and strives to be of assistance to you!




Education: SUNY Cortland (Undergraduate), LIU POST (Graduate)

Major: B.A in Adolescent Education, M.A. in Education Technology 

Specialties: SAT/ACT Mathematics & Sciences, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Physics I & II, SAT II Physics

For more than 5 years, Zachary has tutored intermediate and high school students in Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II/Trigonometry, and Physics.  Currently, Zach teaches physics at Mattituck Jr/Sr High School. Outside of academics, Zach is a black belt in American Kenpo Karate and enjoys spending time fishing, hiking, and gardening.




Education: Swarthmore College; UC Berkeley

Major: B.A. in Ancient Greek and Latin; Post-Baccalaureate in Biomedical Science

Specialties: SAT/ACT, HSPT/SSAT/ISEE, Elementary-College Mathematics & Sciences, History, English, Latin, Spanish

After graduating from Swarthmore, Natalia worked as a teacher, moving to China for a year, where she earned her teaching certificate and began learning Mandarin and Cantonese. After moving back to the states, she worked as the director of a foreign language language school for several years until going back to school at UC Berkeley to study biomedical science and engineering. Natalia has 7 years of experience with test-prep, academic tutoring, and college counseling. She has helped students reach SAT scores of 1540, increase their chemistry grade from C to A-, and get into colleges such as Brown. 




Education: Cornell University

Major: B.S. in Nutritional Sciences

Specialties: Elementary-Intermediate Mathematics, English, Calculus AB

Natalie has spent the past year providing clinical nutrition care and working on biomedical research at Stony Brook hospital. As an undergraduate at Cornell University, she was an admissions ambassador for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, teaching assistant, and spent summers working on public health research. Her tutoring experience ranges from pre-kindergarten vocabulary and math to Algebra II/Trig and collegiate calculus.




Education: University of Scranton

Major: B.A. in Health Sciences, M.S. in Occupational Therapy

Specialties:  AP & SAT II in Biology, Intermediate-Advanced English, ACT and SAT English, Intermediate Mathematics.

Kelly is a practicing occupational therapist (OT) on the East End of Long Island serving students with learning needs. In addition to Kelly's interests in her OT field, Kelly specifically loves to work with students in English, Biology, and Mathematics. Kelly several years of experience, and enjoys helping students refine their study strategies and visuospatial reasoning skills. Kelly's everyday work experiences have imparted her with effective teaching strategies through scaffolding, top-down executive functioning approaches, and a unique teaching lens that comes from her OT perspective through activity analysis.




Education: Baruch College

Major: Accounting & Finance

Specialties: SAT/ACT Mathematics, AP Physics, Elementary-Advanced Mathematics

A recent transfer from SUNY Cortland’s Adolescent Physics Education program, Jayden is very passionate about empowering students to reach their academic goals. His enthusiasm for teaching and helping others inspired him to become a resident assistant and general chemistry tutor at Cortland.  Jayden strives to cultivate confidence and growth mindsets in students, which he finds fundamental to achieving  success within the classroom or via Zoom. Outside of academics, Jayden enjoys surfing, learning new things, and reading about Finance.




Education: Occidental College

Major: Spanish

Minor: Education

Specialties: Intermediate-Advanced English, Spanish, SAT II Spanish

Born and raised in Southampton, Carol attends Occidental College, majoring in Spanish with a minoring in education. She also works as a resident advisor at Occidental, lifeguard at Coopers Beach in Southampton, and volunteer for the Southampton Village Ambulance. As a fluent Spanish speaker, she has tutored students in Spanish remotely and in-person for several years.




Education: Stony Brook University

Majors: Education, Spanish Language & Literature

Specialties: Basic-Advanced Spanish

Born and raised in Nicaragua. Elizabeth immigrated to the United States at age 16, and decided to pursue teaching Spanish in honor of her passion and interest in Latin American cultural studies together with the Spanish Language. Elizabeth has extensive experience working with children aged 6-13, as she has tutored Spanish for multiple years.. As a fluent bilingual, Elizabeth is a teaching assistant at Stony Brook University and has tutored Spanish Grammar at the university-level.




Education: Hofstra University (Undergraduate), Stony Brook University (Graduate)

Major: B.A. in Psychology, Spanish, M. A. in Spanish

Specialties:  Basic-Advanced Spanish, Basic Russian

As an aspiring Spanish teacher, Ellary is currently pursuing a Master of Arts of Teaching-Foreign Languages in Spanish Language at Stony Brook University. Ellary studied both Spanish and Russian during her life, and decided to pursue teaching after witnessing the plethora of advantages that speaking foreign languages brings to life. She has tutored Spanish extensively at the university level. Her tutoring style emphasizes comfortability making mistakes, bringing the language outside the classroom, and relating the language back to the learner’s native language. Her goal is to show the joys and benefits of foreign languages.




Education: St. Joseph's College

Major: B.A. in Child Study

Concentration: Psychology 

Specialties:  Elementary English, Mathematics, & Sciences

Jennifer is a dually certified teacher with several years of teaching experience in both the general and special education settings in grades K-6. She specializes in students with disabilities including; dyslexia, dysgraphia, unspecified learning disabilities, speech and languages disorders,  executive function disorders, ADHD, and autism spectrum disorders. Trained in the Orton Gillingham method, Jen uses a multi-sensory approach when teaching. This tailored approach to learning maximizes student involvement in the learning process, increases success in academic outcomes, and makes the overall experience of learning more meaningful and enjoyable for each child. 




Education: Tufts University

Major: Computer Science

Concentration: Economics

Specialties:   Introductory C++ programming, Elementary-High School Mathematics & Sciences, AP Calculus AB

As a first-generation student at Tufts University, Kevin tutored his peers in computer science and calculus. In prior years, Kevin spent four summers working with children as a summer camp counselor and also headed the development and programmed a successful Roblox game, which he eventually sold. During his time at high school, Kevin was President of Robotics Club and Outing Club and was Principal cellist of the school orchestra.




Education: University of Michigan

Major: Computer Science

Specialties: Python programming, SSAT/SAT/ACT English & Mathematics, Elementary-High School Mathematics & English, AP Calculus AB

Having earned a 1600 on the SAT, Marcus has an excellent grasp of how to do well on the exam. In prior summers, he directed an “Introduction to Machine Learning” course for Codefy. Using his programming skills, he has conducted biomedical research utilizing machine-learning and created a simulation to study the solar nebula theory, submitting his results to the Regeneron Science Talent Search. At Regis High School, Marcus was concertmaster of the school orchestra, a varsity debater, and played on the basketball team.



Southampton, New York


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