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The Importance of a Diagnostic Examination

Updated: May 14, 2020

We at East End Tutors are firm believers in studying strategies. It's not about how much you study, it's about how you study.

For instance, analyzing and fully understanding each error you make is an extremely valuable strategy. The way we implement and determine the best strategies for each client depends heavily on our ability to target a clients weak areas. We do this through our expertly crafted Diagnostic Examination.

In the world of standardized testing, you are only as strong as your weakest link. We structure our programs around this ideal. Our problem sets emphasize specific problem solving techniques to ensure that you won't have that one section that is killing your score every time. Through our Diagnostic Examination, our team carefully analyzes the types of mistakes students make and synthesizes a study program directly targeting the mistakes a student typically makes.

Our Diagnostic Exam set us apart. Through this tool, we locate the focal point that is lowering a students score, and then attack it at the source. This all connects to our mission statement of optimizing the studying experience. We understand that repeating questions on fully understood concepts is a poor use of time. Through the diagnostic exam, we trim these questions from problem sets, maximizing the student's return on his or her investment of time.

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